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Blog Post

By: Jersey College // October 26, 2016

Student Spotlight: Johane R. - Jacksonville Campus


I am Johane Richards; I have fifteen years of experience as a Certified Nurse Assistant. Over these years, I have worked as a CNA and gained experience in different settings of the hospital, nursing home and rehabilitation, home health, private care, and clinics. I enjoy them all because each gave me the knowledge and experience of how broad nursing can be. I am blessed to encounter well-skilled nurses everywhere I go, who inspire me to develop into a better CNA and person, and exemplify how a registered nurse should practice. I am furthering my nursing education to become an RN as a student at Jersey College. In addition to school, I also balance a large family (husband and 12 children), a job, and different ministries at church.

I choose the nursing profession because I can’t see myself doing anything else. I knew that I cared a great deal for people, but I wasn’t sure which route I wanted to pursue while also making a respectable living for my future. While in high school, the desire to become a nurse grew during my attendance in HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America). I learned nursing offers many different employment settings for registered nurses, not just bedside nursing. I love the idea of a nurse in a nontraditional arena, though I love working at the bedside as a CNA. I became a CNA because I wanted to make sure nursing was the right path for me. During my time  as a hospice nurse I worked with many families. One of the family members I met was a patient’s daughter, “Nurse K”, who was also her caregiver and a nurse. Nurse K emulated everything a great nurse should be and was very inspiring to me. To her ‘Nurse Life’ is ‘the way of life.’  She shared stories of obstacles she overcame and also her knowledge in the field. I will always remember her and the impact she made! 


"Jersey College has a lot of people visiting the campus - coming in and out of its doors, but the staff makes it a point to put a name to a face and use it with a smile."

When I started to pursue returning to school to become an RN, a coworker suggested Jersey College. I was interested to learn more about the flexible schedules my coworker mentioned so I contacted Sandy, the Admissions Representative. At that time was I was working full time and was contemplating if evening classes would be best for me. After meeting Sandy in admissions (and much discussion with my husband) I decided to drop my job status from full-time to PRN (“as needed”) and attend the day program a semester early.

I can sometimes be my own enemy; making sure everyone else’s lives are in order before doing what I really want to do - this is how time has passed me by. But Jersey College made the transition easier than I expected it to be. I received the information I needed before arriving to the school because most of it is on the website. My list of questions were answered before I could ask them. Sandy was very helpful and I knew this was the  best decision I was making in my life, right now.

Not only did I enroll at Jersey College, but my husband did too. We have decided to take this adventure together. My husband is my best friend and accountability partner. I love that I am able to share this alongside him; to study, encourage, learn and grow. I was very timid of joining a nursing program together with him because of the financial strain it would put on our family and our very different yet similar personalities. Since being in school we have spent more time together and learned of each other’s bigger dreams and aspirations. We have learned study tips from each other from how to retain information to staying organized. My children are also my inspirations and encouragements. I like to call them my “cheerleaders”. My husband and I have always stressed the importance of education and how important it is. I don’t always congratulate myself on accomplishments because I look at them as small goals that needed to get done in order to get to what I want: my nursing degree. I remember coming home from the first day of school and the children cheered and had a special dinner, just because it was the end of the first day of nursing school. They are a great reminder to continue to celebrate your hopes and dreams along the way!


I have had many memories in nursing school so far, but one of most memorable moments at Jersey College was when I was called by my name correctly. I was not so-and-so’s mom, Greg’s wife, or a mispronunciation of my name. I was Johane (Jo Ann). By day two I was still me, not a number, not an endearment because my name was forgotten. I was me: Johane. I really find my individual identity is important because this is what makes me different from the next person. Jersey College has a lot of people visiting the campus - coming in and out of its doors, but the staff makes it a point to put a name to a face and use it with a smile. I love it. I will never forget it because this made it easier for me transition into my seat with Jersey.

Another thing that I love about my school are the student resources. The Test Success Workshop has been the best student resource and has been most helpful to me. I have learned strategies and study skills that have helped thus far. The tips are very beneficial especially for me because I have not been in school in over ten years. I was generally a B or C (mostly C) student in high school and didn’t have great study habits. This workshop has helped me advance my study skills and it is so wonderful. I value any program that is here to not only help me pass the NCLEX but be a registered nurse with high standards.


"What I look forward to each day when I come to school is when the professors can make the textbook come to life by sharing their own experiences."

I have received valuable advice during my journey that I feel I should share with others. The same advice given to me by Nurse K, I also received from the Associate Dean, Mrs. Burgess and that is something I like to pass along. The common advice that has worked well for me and other is to organize everything. Whether it is by writing it down on a to-do list, a calendar, putting it into an electronic device with a reminder, whatever it takes! Having such a large family I have to be organized, but it is so important as a nursing student as well! Nurses, by profession, are typically people who prioritize and are well organized. These traits are important in giving the best patient care; I wouldn’t want someone feeding me when my need at the moment was oxygen. Another great tip for success is to seek help early, for any assistance you may need.  The school offers resources to help. Take advantage of those resources! Mrs. Burgess has made a big impact on my experience thus far. She makes it very comfortable to come in and talk to her about anything. My husband and I have yet to need to set an appointment with her. If her door was open, we were always welcomed. I know she is busy but I’ve observed her set something she was working on aside to listen to our concerns and questions. She has made us feel valuable and important. When it comes to juggling school and your personal life, it can be challenging. I will always remember the advice Nurse K shared with me, and that was “You can always get back to it [social life] in two years. If you have that mindset, you won’t begrudge the nursing program from taking that away from you and you’ll do much better.”


What I look forward to each day when I come to school is when the professors can make the textbook come to life by sharing their own experiences. It makes me understand the course of study more clearly.  When the professors can make the black letters on a white page infuse with their personal experiences and turn on the light bulb in my mind, he or she has got my full attention. I love to learn and success in nursing requires learning a lot of information. We learn about ailments, disease process, remedies, foundations, structure and functions, and even how to proficiently communicate verbally and in writing to team members. All of this learning, though is to help us keep our focus on the patient, which is the most important to me. I know after graduation and the NCLEX, most of the valuable information taught will stay with me in my long-term memory because of the knowledge and wisdom passed on to me by my instructors.

Thank you Jersey College for giving me the chance to making my dreams come true.