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5 Ways to Be a Team Player

Healthcare is a team atmosphere. Nursing units work together as a team to provide the best patient care and outcomes. An important component to being a great nurse is being a great team member. Do you have what it takes? Here are 5 Ways to be a Team Player!


1. Provide Support – Help others! 
Helping out is the number one way to make a co-worker feel supported and to encourage teamwork between nurses. Make sure to be extra welcoming to those who are new to nursing or new to your team. Offering support to others often leads to having support offered when you need assistance too!


2. Be Reliable - Stick to it! 
If you make a commitment, stick with it! Being reliable lets your team know they can always count on you.


3. Emphasize open Communication - Be clear! 
Good communication is a key component of a well-functioning team, especially in nursing. Patients typically see many different nurses, doctors, and other healthcare providers while they are being treated. It is vital that the team caring for the patient shares details and communicates clearly with each other to ensure the patient is receiving the best care possible.


4. Exhibit Optimism – Stay Positive!
Nursing can be challenging at times. Nurses may work long hours, which can be physically and emotionally draining. Having a positive mindset not only helps you but those around you as well – whether they be your team or patients… spread the positive vibes!


 5. Show Respect – Set the example!  
It is important to always be respectful in the nursing profession. Nurses encounter many different individuals daily - patients, their family members, co-workers, doctors, and more. Each person has their own personality. Showing respect to everyone helps set an example that nurses hold themselves to a higher standard, even in difficult situations. When working with a team, you often earn respect from others by showing respect.


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