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Benefits of a Cohort Program

Here at Jersey College, students participate in cohort programs. Each new LPN or RN class joins a new “cohort,” and is considered one group or unit. Students start together, and typically take all the same classes throughout the program all the way through graduation. This has many benefits for a successful educational experience.

To start, the cohort provides students with instant “study buddies.” All students have to know the same material each term. Students, especially in nursing school, learn better when they study together. Since the material is the same for each cohort, it makes sense for students to go over that material together. Different students will have different strengths in certain subjects, and by studying together they can share these strengths with one another and improve the overall performance of the cohort.

Additionally, studying together can lead to closer bonds between students. Cohorts create an “all in this together” feeling, and will give a sense of community to students. In nursing school, students may need more than educational support—they may need emotional support as well. Each cohort has the same end goals in a structured schedule. Students can also start to root for one another and act as motivators for each other. Having support from fellow colleagues can help students stay on track and succeed one test or class at a time.  

In the cohort structure, students learn how to work together. This is vital to a successful nursing career, as nurses will have to learn and work in a community environment. Working and studying in cohorts helps students learn the leadership skills they will require for future job opportunities. It is important for students to become accustomed to collaboration and teamwork as early as possible.

Students in the same cohort not only become friends, though friendship and camaraderie are important in nursing school. Classmates may become future co-workers or networking contacts, since they remain peers during school and after graduation. It is important to build these connections early, before students begin their first nursing job. These bonds can last throughout their career. These connections are important for future job opportunities and to have someone with whom they can discuss techniques and job situations in both the present and the future.  


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