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Our admissions guide contains information you need to apply, along with full curriculum details and course descriptions.

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Jersey College Simulation Lab

Ready to practice some hands on learning? We have the perfect place for you!

Each Jersey College campus offers an on-site simulation lab for students to learn and practice their nursing skills. The skills labs have been designed to allow for multi-patient care under the supervision of our nurse educators. The labs simulate patient care in acute, sub-acute and long-term settings. The manikins housed in the simulation labs allow students to practice skills with “patients”, which they may then use in the clinical setting. Nursing encompasses many different types of skills and specialties. The simulation experience offers an assortment of conditions through the life cycle, from birth to death. This allows students to have a level of comfort and confidence when they are faced with real life situations in the field.




What types of scenarios may be seen during simulation?

There are a vast array of scenarios that may be seen in the labs, just as there are in the clinical setting. Providing real life situations allow students to develop their critical thinking skills that are an imperative part of nursing and patient assessment.

Life Cycle:



Child Birth

Students may have the opportunity to assess the birthing process - before, during and after delivery. Scenarios may include identifying symptoms of complications, checking the fetal heartrate, normal and complicated vaginal deliveries, and postpartum care. Once the manikin delivers the baby, the students then may have the opportunity to begin newborn care practices.






 In the pediatric area of the lab, students may learn techniques for working with children. They may also learn to identify signs and symptoms of pediatric disorders and treatment, along with growth and development. Students can practice giving instructions to care givers of the children as well.






Adult Care 

During training students learn about safety for patients and basic care such as bed baths, clothing changes, positioning and hygiene. They may also see special needs which may include things such as ostomy care, tracheostomy care and urinary catheterization.






specialty.jpgSpecialty Care

Students may have the opportunity to practice hands on training for things such as; tracheostomy care, respiratory treatments, foley insertions, , CPR, ADL assistance, medication administration, injections, suctioning, range of motion, application of ostomy care, and nasogastric tube insertion.






Through the experiences in the simulation lab, students learn the importance of patient assessment. They have the opportunity to learn what it takes to provide optimal care and then get an opportunity to practice it.



Jersey College invites you to visit your local campus for a tour of the simulation lab to experience it for yourself! 


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