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My Journey through Nursing School at Jersey College

I will keep it short and sweet for all those who are wondering how Jersey College, School of Nursing really is - from a student’s point of view. Well here is the down and dirty…. the staff, the foundation of Jersey College, has made me into the woman I am today. For me, a 15 month program turned into an almost 2 year adventure, because as we know; things happen. We don’t always succeed at things the first time around, and that is exactly what happened to me. I remember one day in particular, when we were receiving our final grades. I remember being one of the first to go into the office to receive my grades. I was so ready to hear that I passed and I was able to move forward in the program. When I sat in that office, I received the news I did not succeed and would have to repeat the class. I was distraught and in shock to hear this news. I left the office, and attempted to pull myself together enough to walk out like everything was okay, until I heard one voice call out to me. It was my favorite teacher throughout this entire program, Ms. Fortin. She called out to me and I tried to ignore her, I did not want her to see me as I was, so I continued to walk away. She dropped all the paperwork she was working on and ran after me, at that moment I broke down crying. Ms. Fortin sat me down in the office and I continued to cry on her shoulder. She could have chosen to do a million other things at that point and time, but she chose to sit there with me and console me. She tried to give me words of inspiration and told me it was going to be okay. That moment I will never forget.

The teachers at Jersey College are more than Just teachers. They are shoulders to cry on, they are walking wisdom, and that’s what I tell everyone who asks me about Jersey College. I don’t just have instructors; I gained about 20 mothers and a couple dads. I was able to prove that I am capable of overcoming. I took my last class over again and passed it, and took my comprehensive exam and passed it on my first attempt. I could not have done it without my cheerleaders, my support system, my school parents, my instructors at Jersey College. If you can take away anything from this post, know that every school you will ever go to will have their politics. Every school you will go to will have something you won’t like. But I have to say at Jersey College, you are more than just a student. They know you by name at Jersey College, they learn your habits, your strengths, your weaknesses, and they help you to discover who you are as you advance in your nursing career. I have to say although my adventure was a long, and I mean LONG adventure. I am so very honored and glad I came here.

To all my instructors who guided me through the ups and downs of nursing school, thank you for believing in me. You have shaped me into a more professional and confident nurse. I will never forget everything you have done for me, big and small. Part of the reason I worked so hard, was to make you all proud. Your inspiration has helped me achieve my goals and I am forever grateful.

Natasha S., Jersey College Graduate



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