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Blog Post

By: Jersey College // January 27, 2015

A highlight on Obstetrics


Hi, my name is Mrs. Hill and I teach obstetrics (OB) in the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) program here at Jersey College, School of Nursing. I not only teach OB, but it is my passion!

Let me tell you why I love to teach obstetrics here at Jersey College. First off, I have had five of my own obstetrical experiences and I have loved working as a postpartum and antepartum nurse.  As a student nurse at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, Illinois in 1956, I saw and assisted approximately 20 deliveries every eight hour shift, and delivered or should I say caught nine babies on my own.


When you enter nursing school, every student hears the phrase, critical thinking, critical thinking, over and over again from every instructor, and they begin to learn it, feel it, and finally be able to do it!  In other words, you have learned to think on your feet. I have found that Obstetrics is the perfect way to teach this basic element of nursing and for the student to learn… critical thinking! Critical thinking is a little hard to define in a blog, but for me, it means that as a nurse, you have learned to analyze or assess the patient’s situation. The next step is to fast-forward his or her thought process to comprehend the situation regarding a possible condition and a probable treatment.


Did I say his? Yes, ‘HIS’. Here at Jersey College, we have several male students in every classroom, but we need more, and more men to join the ranks of this admirable and satisfying profession. In my time of teaching here at Jersey College, I have had more than a few male students in my class suddenly realize that they really liked  Obstetrics or Pediatrics, (which I also teach in the same quarter with OB).


So, come on board with us at Jersey College, School Of Nursing, and when you get to quarter three and me, be ready for my stories. As I teach, I relate stories of where I’ve lived, where I’ve nursed, where I’ve visited, and all of the experiences in my life that relate to the subject I am teaching.


As a long time nurse of 56 years, I have served with the American Red Cross in Armenia; the Sudan with Doctors Without Borders; Nigeria, delivering babies with the local midwives; five years in Saudi Arabia as the head nurse in a clinic which saw 3 to 4000 patients a month; and as an extra, had the joy of caring for Siamese twins, conjoined twins.            


In quarter three, we learn the basics of Obstetrics, Pediatrics, and Geriatrics over a three-month period. During the week, two days are spent in the classroom learning theory; the next two days are spent practicing the learned theory in a clinical setting and our amazing, specially designed, high-tech Simulation Lab. In the Sim Lab, we meet our prospective mother to be, Noelle and her Baby.  Now we have the opportunity to apply the newly acquired obstetrical skills and knowledge as we actually deliver her baby, either headfirst, cephalic, or bottom first, a breech.


As we deliver Noelle’s’ baby, we then can give care to her newborn baby, a neonate.  As we conclude Obstetrics, we go into month 2 of third quarter, Pediatrics. Finally in completion of the last of month in the third quarter, we progress from mamas, babies, toddlers and teenagers to the last of the specialty nursing courses and the last of the lifecycle… Geriatrics.


Exciting technology has been installed at Jersey College to build knowledge and skills for nursing students of all levels of course work, be it LPN or RN. The lab is built as to simulate a clinical hospital environment including, pediatric units, geriatric bedroom, nurse’s station, medication carts, IV pumps, supply rooms and dozens of simulation adult and pediatric patients, and more!


So come visit us and feel the welcome and warmth within the community of Jersey College, School of Nursing. Take a tour of our amazing Sim Lab and meet Noelle, her newborn baby and say hello to all the other real life like patients! 

Does this sound exciting? Does this sound challenging? Does this sound like something you would like to do, to learn, to be? If so, come and see me, come walk with me, come talk to me, I will be honored to welcome you into my world of nursing at Jersey College, School of Nursing here in Tampa Florida.

Ms. Hill