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Blog Post

By: Jersey College // November 01, 2017

Graduate Spotlight: Jackie M. Jacksonville Campus

We interviewed Jackie about her experience with Jersey College and her nursing career. Hear what she had to say!


Question: How do you feel Jersey College prepared you for your career?

"The environment at Jersey College prepared me. You are not spoon fed the information, and I had to start thinking critically immediately once I entered the program – which I had to do as soon as I entered the field and continue to do now at my current jobs."


Question: Can you tell us about your nursing career?

"As an RN at Mental Health Resource Center of Jacksonville, I work with patients who are dealing with mental/emotional crises. We are there to help stabilize them and help them become happy and productive members of society. It’s really a win-win situation for me and the patient as I get to see them get better and become happier and get back to their normal selves. I also work at Community Hospice of Jacksonville which is a compassionate organization that takes care of patients with terminal diagnoses. We consider the time that these patients have left a gift and we help them live this time to its fullest, ensuring comfort, and helping that patients achieve what they want up until their last minutes."


Question: Why did you choose to attend Jersey College?

"I chose to attend Jersey College for both my LPN and RN Bridge programs because of the reception I received from the front office all the way throughout my enrollment process. They were so hospitable – the layout of the facilities and the layout of the lessons favored my life as a full-time CNA during the PN program and a fulltime LPN during the Bridge program. JC accommodated what I needed to be successful and continue to fulfill my normal obligations and responsibilities."


Question: What was the most memorable moment throughout your enrollment at Jersey College?

"My most memorable moment was when I spoke with the Campus Administrator, Ms. Maryanne, who said, “anything is possible, if you put your mind to it.”


Question: What was your favorite student resource?

"My favorite and most valuable resource during my time as a student was, by far, the faculty and my teachers. They were willing to break down what I needed to understand and be successful. They were always willing to assist me when I really needed it."


Question: What contributed most to your success?

"The continuous testing and assessments we were exposed to, although stressful, really prepared me and ensured I was keeping pace with what I needed to know."


Question: Was there an instructor or staff member who made an impact?

"There were so many individuals, but some in particular were Ms. Gwen Sapp, Mr. Chuck Harvey, Ms. Maryanne, Ms. Rachel, Mr. Ryan, and Ms. Sandy."


Question: What study habits were most helpful for you?

"When I first became a student at Jersey College, I was asked to take a learning styles test. I realized I was a visual learner, so I enjoyed videos and illustrations. Using these types of resources made it easier for me to understand the many concepts I was responsible for."


Question:  Why would you recommend Jersey College to others?

"Because at Jersey College, straight from the front desk, everyone is willing to work with you. They are only interested in your success."


Question: What did you like most about the simulation labs?

"Being a visual learner, the simulation experience labs helped me so much because they mimicked the real life situations we would be commonly exposed to in the field, but we were able to practice it safely in an environment with our instructors before performing them on real life individuals."


Question:  Do you have any advice or tips for future students?

"One step at a time, breathe, and always keep moving forward."


Are you ready to pursue your nursing dreams? Learn more about our nursing programs at a campus near you! To hear from more graduates, visit our graduate success page