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Our admissions guide contains information you need to apply, along with full curriculum details and course descriptions.

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"Touching Lives: One Person at a Time"

Congratulations to Cordell Williams, a Practical Nursing Evening student from Teterboro who earned the BLTCE CNA Nursing Scholarship Award. According to Tracy Provost, RNC, Evening Program Chair, Williams is “working hard committing himself to Jersey College, continuing his education to become an LPN. This is particularly impressive since it is very difficult to work a full-time job and attend school every evening and weekend.” Below is his award-winning essay, “Touching Lives: One Person at a Time.”

“As a young male, trying to make a living in the United States is not easy. I took on the responsibility of working as a Certified Nursing Assistant knowing that the challenges would be many, but not prepared for what I encountered and am still encountering. My work as a CNA at Daughters of Jacob has been a humbling experience. From my employment in 2010 I have had the opportunity to care for some of America’s patriarchs and matriarchs. The tales of their life experiences have made a positive impact on me to the point that has in-spired me to further my education so I can do even more for my residents. I have learned to love my residents, be patient, observant of their needs, and with patience provide the best holistic care. There was a bariatric resident, over 400 pounds, who was having difficulty understanding and being understood. He would complain about everything. I decided to intervene by always taking him on my assignment. I tried to understand him and eventually learned his idiosyncrasies. This “difficult” resident became one of the best residents on the unit. Just seeing the positive change in his behavior gave me the job satisfaction that so many people are yearning for.

CNAs are on the front line of nursing and care begins with us. The art of caring for our residents must be developed and practiced. A war is won by winning one battle at a time, therefore, in order to make a difference in healthcare service excellence, it must be done one patient/resident at a time. I have learnt that what matters most to our residents is their ability to be heard and understood. A little TLC goes a long way in the lives of our residents!”

-Cordell Williams


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