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Jersey College has solely offered nursing programs since 2004 and has graduated over 2,000 licensed professionals.

Professional Nursing Program (RN)
LPN to RN Bridge Track (RN)
Generic Track (RN) Practical Nursing Program (LPN) Nurse Residency Track

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Our New Jersey and Florida Campuses are located near major metropolitan areas easily accessible for the commuting student.

Ewing, New Jersey (NJ/PA)
Teterboro, New Jersey (NJ/NY)
Jacksonville, Florida
Tampa, Florida
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Largo, Florida

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Our Mission & Goals

To bridge the labor gap occurring in demand occupations and to train competent professionals who are well prepared to enter the job market.

A Focused Mission

Our mission manifests as a singular focus - educating mobile, adult professionals in the scientific discipline of nursing. This sole focus is based on the old adage:

"Each man is capable of doing one thing well. If he attempts several, he will fail to achieve distinction in any." - Plato

A Flexible Program

Properly educating the modern, mobile, adult nurse requires an open curriculum that accommodates diverse lifestyles.

"An open curriculum system is one which incorporates an educational approach designed to accommodate the learning needs and career goals of students by providing flexible opportunities for entry into and exit from the educational program, and by capitalizing on their previous relevant education and experience." - National League of Nursing

A Comprehensive Education

Our curriculum prepares students by developing new and enhanced skills, expanding their knowledge base and awakening new intellectual interest, while capitalizing on the values, beliefs, and experiences (both personal and professional) that the student brings to the classroom.

Our programs provide the education and skills for the Certified Nurse Assistant to continue their education to become a Licensed Practical Nurse and for the Licensed Practical Nurse to become a Registered Nurse.

College Purpose

To accomplish its mission, Jersey College has established the following purposes:

    1. Offer robust and comprehensive academic programs that are developed and assessed by educational leaders, faculty, staff, and stakeholders which include specific objectives and goals for learning.
    2. Promote personal, academic and professional growth of our students and faculty through:
      • encouragement of intellectual curiosity, critical thought and acceptance of diverse concepts and ideas;
      • community-centric facilities and educational resources that foster admission, retention, and graduation;
      • availability and accessibility of appropriate institutional resources (human, financial, technical, facilities, and other);
      • institutional governance that continually assesses the needs of the institution's stakeholders and community at large, and responds in a timely manner;
      • establishment of institutional culture that values academic freedom, promotes life-long learning and respects cultural diversity;
      • creation of intellectual, thought-provoking and inquisitive discussions in the classroom and community experiences; and
      • offering rigorous academic courses and programs that incorporate general education and essential skills, including oral and written communication, scientific and quantitative reasoning, critical analysis and reasoning, and technological competency.
    3. Prepare students for professional roles and responsibilities by ensuring that they have the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary for their chosen profession.
    4. Assist students in developing professional values, attitudes, skills, and strategies that foster success in their careers and in life.


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