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Jersey College has solely offered nursing programs since 2004 and has graduated over 2,000 licensed professionals.

Professional Nursing Program (RN)
LPN to RN Bridge Track (RN)
Generic Track (RN) Practical Nursing Program (LPN) Nurse Residency Track

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Our New Jersey and Florida Campuses are located near major metropolitan areas easily accessible for the commuting student.

Ewing, New Jersey (NJ/PA)
Teterboro, New Jersey (NJ/NY)
Jacksonville, Florida
Tampa, Florida
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Largo, Florida

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Chancellor and President’s Message

For over a decade, the nursing school at Jersey College has devoted itself to bridging the labor gap occurring in the healthcare industry. We have grown from a private boutique career school into a specialized institution of higher learning which offers diploma and degree programs in nursing fields.  

We take great pride in our institution including our students, graduates, faculty, staff, facilities, curriculum, and community. 

Webster's Dictionary defines PRIDE as, "the correct level of respect for the importance and value of your personal character, life, efforts, or achievements". At Jersey College, PRIDE encompasses five principles:






Success as an institution, a student, or a nurse requires PRIDE. As you embark on your journey to become a Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse, we challenge you to learn with PRIDE in yourself, in your school, and in your chosen profession.

Professionalism. Professionalism is a quality expected of students and nurses. Attending all classes, being on time, promoting learning, and respecting others are steps toward becoming a true professional. Professionalism allows you to better care for your patients and for yourself. 

Respect. Respect means listening to and valuing the opinions of others. The words of your instructors, your fellow students, and your patients will be instrumental to your career. Respect yourself and others by listening and learning.   

Integrity. Integrity is taking responsibility for your education and your work. Being honest and hardworking now can only benefit you as a nurse in the future. a As Florence Nightingale stated, "I attribute my success to this - I never gave or took any excuses." 

Diversity. Embracing diversity is necessary to succeeding as a student and as a nursing professional. Accepting the differences in your classmates and instructors while in school will help you become a more tolerant and effective nurse for your patients.  

Excellence. Excellence is giving it all you've got. Success in a nursing program requires focus, determination, and commitment. Truly caring for patients in the real world requires the same. 

We offer you the opportunity to express the PRIDE you have in yourself, your school, and in your career. We wish you all the best for the future.

Good luck and God bless!

Greg Karzhevsky                                            Steven B. Litvack, Esq.
Chancellor                                                       President

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