Nursing Programs at Jersey College

Jersey College offers both a Practical Nursing, or LPN Program, and a Professional Nursing, or RN Program. Our curriculum were created to help nursing students attain the competencies and build the skills needed to secure licensure as an LPN or RN and to begin or continue their career in healthcare services.

Next start date for the LPN Program: Sep 29, 2014
Next start date for the RN Program: Aug 11, 2014

Practical Nursing | LPN Program

Our LPN Program prepares you to begin a career as a Licensed Practical Nurse. The program combines the theoretical foundations of practical nursing with clinical experiences in patient care. You'll gain a holistic approach to nursing including the physical, emotional, and spiritual, needs of the patient. 

Professional Nursing | RN Program

The RN Program prepares students for an entry-level RN position. Upon completion of the program, you'll have an Associate's Degree in Nursing and will have built the skills and competencies necessary to apply for licensure as an RN. Jersey College offers a generic track for new nursing students and an LPN to RN Bridge track for existing LPNs. Using our holistic approach, you'll gain experience in handling ethical, psycho-social, and legal concerns for patients and within the healthcare field. 

Committed to Excellence in Nursing Education

Jersey College is committed to providing all students with a quality nursing education that prepares them for careers in the healthcare industry. We believe that excellence in nursing education means including professional development alongside academic course work and offering flexible scheduling to help you stay balanced. 

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