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Professional Nursing Program

Hospital-Based Track - Structure

The coursework in the Hospital-Based Track of the Professional Nursing program takes approximately 24 months to complete. The normal time to complete the Professional Nursing program is approximately 27 months for the Hospital-Based Track.* Students with a current Practical Nursing License may enter the Advanced Placement option and may complete the program in less time.

Below are sample educational plans for the traditional student and for a student who enters the Advanced Placement option (currently LPNs):

Suggested Traditional Plan

Semester 1:

Human Body in Health and Disease I, and Healthcare Foundations, and Nutrition

Semester 2:

Principles of Pharmacology, Human Body in Health and Disease II, and Nursing II: Introduction to Medical-Surgical Nursing

Semester 3:

Microbiology: Impact of Microorganisms on the Environment, Composition I, Human Body in Health and Disease III and Nursing III: Psychiatric Nursing

Semester 4:

Nursing IV: Care of Women and Children and Life Span Development

Semester 5:

College Algebra, Nursing V: Advanced Concepts of Medical-Surgical Nursing and Sociology

Semester 6:

Nursing VI: leadership and Delegation and Nursing Seminar


Suggested Advanced Placement Plan (current LPNs)

Semester 1:

Transitions and Health Assessment, Composition I, Life Span Development

Semester 2:

Nursing II: Intro to Medical-Surgical Nursing, Principles of Pharmacology, Nutrition

Semester 3:

Nursing III: Psychiatric Nursing, Nursing IV: Care of Women and Children

Semester 4:

Nursing V: Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing, College Algebra, Sociology

Semester 5:

Microbiology: Impact of Microorganisms on the Environment, Nursing VI: Leadership and Delegation, Nursing Seminar

 *Normal time in the Professional Nursing program includes the additional time associated with the passing the comprehensive assessment and completing assignments needed for licensure recommendation by Jersey College.

The Hospital-Based Track is offered at the following locations:

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