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Traits of a Successful Nursing Student

Many are searching today for a career that will provide security for them and their family. This thought is not just something that is relegated to young adults, but also to the mature seasoned worker, vets and those being forced to find new careers due to economic recession. In this search it is vitally important to explore all options to ensure the correct choice is made. One area that has provided stability and security in employment year after year is nursing. However to be successful in this profession it is of utmost importance that you obtain the proper education. The goal of becoming a nurse must be thought out as there are many challenging obstacles that must be overcome. This decision will dictate how you spend the rest of your life in the work force. Therefore you must possess certain traits if you are to be successful.

Organization is the most important trait to make you a successful nursing student. During this time of transition you will be dealing with numerous assignments and deadlines. Some may be working during this time and will need to juggle work, home and school. The only way to master these challenges is to become the most organized person in the world. Plan study time, family time and work time. You must become the “master juggler”. Many may think, “This is easy for you to say, you don’t know all that is on my plate”. And you are right, I don’t. But this I am fully persuaded and I quote, “If you do not look at this area of your life initially, you will become overwhelmed and it will be very difficult for you to be successful”.

Commitment is another important trait that will determine your success as a nursing student. Once you begin, you must continue until the end. The easiest thing to do is to quit when the going gets tough. However those who stick with it will have a sense of accomplishment that can never be taken away. There are countless stories of students that faced many, many challenges. They stated that these challenges only fueled their fire to refuse to give up and refuse to be denied. Several with the most challenges, in the end were the students with the highest grades in the class.

Compassion for life and for the lives of others will determine your ultimate success as a nursing student. The time spent getting organized and making a commitment to stay the course must be accompanied with a heartfelt compassion for others to be medically, emotionally and physically whole. There must be a burning desire within to see people’s lives changed.

As you endeavor to do these things you have place yourself on the “Road to Success”. Go for it, the world awaits your arrival!


Dr. Gwendolyn Crumbly, RN, CRNAC


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