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Jersey College has solely offered nursing programs since 2004 and has graduated over 2,000 licensed professionals.

Professional Nursing Program (RN)
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Our New Jersey, Florida an Indiana campuses are located near major metropolitan areas easily accessible for the commuting student.

Ewing, New Jersey (NJ/PA)
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Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Largo, Florida
Port Charlotte, Florida
Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Each campus is accredited and approved by The Department of Education to offer Federal Financial Assistance to our students.  

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Blog Post

Balance Work and School

Being Successful at Work and at School

It can be difficult to balance work responsibilities and a nursing school schedule, while being effective at both. As a student also committed to a job, there are small steps you can take to better manage your time, and help ensure every part of your life thrives.

Managing Work and Nursing School

Many people choose to enroll in nursing school programs while they have other commitments, like a full time job. To help you through this process, we’ve put together a list of tips to keep you focused on your future:

  • Get organized: Whether it’s a planner, or the calendar on your smartphone, keep a detailed schedule. By planning out your days, you’ll be able to easily keep track of assignments, class schedules, work schedules, and work events. Combining work and school can be hectic; staying organized when it comes to your time is vital.
  • Communicate: If you take the time to let your employer know that you’re taking classes and furthering your education, you may be able to work with them at times when your schedule gets complicated. In the same way, be honest with your instructors; they understand the difficulties of combining work with school.
  • Set priorities: Be realistic about the time that you will have. It’s likely that you’ll have to prioritize, and possibly put some other things in your life on hold. Remember that you’re working towards a great goal, and stay focused on the end result.

Managing work and nursing school can be stressful, but if you take the time to organize, stay focused, and prioritize you’ll have completed your nursing school program in no time.

If you’re a prospective nursing student, be sure to request an admissions packet containing information about application dates and program availability.  Or contact the admissions department at the campus nearest you to start the application process today!