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Blog Post

By: Jersey College // July 02, 2018

5 Reasons to Love Nursing School

Although Nursing School can present challenges, the benefits are countless. Here are a few things to remember throughout your nursing education journey and 5 reasons to love nursing school!


1. Growth – Take this time to grow!


Every student experiences some degree of growth in Nursing School. From knowledge, to critical thinking skills, and even emotional intelligence. Nursing School challenges students to think critically in all scenarios to train their minds to think like a nurse. Through these learning opportunities many students change the way they approach situations. A big part of nursing is keeping your composure even during the toughest of situations. Nursing students grow their emotional intelligence during school as they face new experiences and patient interactions. School can also test your limits though dealing with the stress of exams and studying. Just remember, you get out of school what you put into it! You are growing your mind, skills, and ability!


2. Networking – Don’t be a stranger, introduce yourself!


During enrollment at Jersey College, students have the opportunity to meet many different people in the healthcare field. This can start as early as an Educational Interview or during the first week of class, when students meet their campus Dean, Associate Dean and Nursing faculty. Throughout nursing school, students visit clinical sites out in the community to practice their skills. While out in the community, students may meet nurses who work at the facilities and also the nurse leadership. Always remember you are not only representing your school, but also yourself! You may want to visit this facility in the future to start your nursing career - make a good impression! Another great opportunity for students to network is at the campus Career Fairs. Students have the opportunity to meet with local healthcare facilities that are looking to hire nurses. This is not only a great way for students to meet potential employers but also helps build confidence for those future interviews. Networking doesn’t stop when you graduate… keep in touch with classmates and alumni you meet, and of course your Jersey College family! Career Services takes pride in helping students through all steps of networking and preparing to enter your new career!


3. Support – Take a look around, look at all the resources available!


Everyone needs support at some point in their life. Nursing School is a huge commitment and can sometimes seem overwhelming if you do not have a strong support system in place. Never forget, the staff and faculty are here for YOU! Whether it’s for a pep-talk, tutoring, or even to vent… never hesitate to stop by! There are so many resources available to assist and support your journey through school – take advantage of them! Visit your Associate Dean and meet student mentors, you will be happy you did! And remember… you can also be that source of support for your classmates too!


4. Practice – When is the last time you visited the sim lab?


How often do we get something right on our very first try? Isn’t it so comforting knowing that you have a simulation lab to practice your nursing skills before applying them to a live patient? There are so many different scenarios that can happen out in the clinical setting, and the Jersey College simulation labs offer opportunities to simulate and practice skills and assessments to build your knowledge and experience! Take advantage of the opportunities you have in the simulation lab, these are helping you build your skills and confidence!


5. Goals – Commit to achieving your dream!


No matter what you are doing in life, always set goals for yourself. This can help you stay on track and “keep your eyes on the prize”. Often our biggest critics are ourselves, remember to set goals that are realistic for yourself. Nursing School is a great place to better yourself and your skills to prepare for that dream job. It is ok to make mistakes as long as you are learning from them. Use all the tools available to you to help reach your goals. Take extra time to study. Don’t study until you get it right, study until you can’t get it wrong!



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