The school of nursing at Jersey College – Teterboro campus

Serving nursing students from the New York area and Northern New Jersey

Jersey College's school of nursing in Teterboro, NJ serves Northern New Jersey, New York City, Rockland County, and Connecticut residents is a top choice for students looking to pursue a nursing career in the New York City metropolitan area.

Nursing program students will gain the competencies necessary to provide responsible nursing care including health counseling, support and restorative care.

Our Teterboro nursing school campus is just minutes away from Manhattan on public transportation.

The nursing programs at Jersey College are comprehensive, including both theoretical and clinical components.  This combined focus allows our nursing students to trasition with confidence into the workplace, having a structured foundation in nursing academics as well as hands-on experience with clinical techniques for patients.

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At Jersey College, the school of nursing has divided its practical nursing program curriculum into four distinct terms. Each term targets a subset of skills and concepts that build on prior knowledge gained to bring students seamlessly from basic to more complex ideas. Theoretical as well as clinical experiences are conducted concurrently throughout the program.

Jersey College's Nursing Program Advantages

The United States healthcare industry is experiencing a shortage of qualified healthcare providers. The lack of qualified workers to fill these positions contributes to the shortages many healthcare providers are experiencing.

Our nursing school programs at the Teterboro campus were established to help bridge this labor gap by ensuring a pipeline of highly educated professional nurses that are able to join the health team and contribute to meeting the total needs of the patient.

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