LPN Program in Ft.Lauderdale

The focus of the Practical Nursing Program at Jersey College in Fort Lauderdale is to prepare students for safe practice and licensure as an LPN by successfully passing the NCLEX-PN.

The LPN coursework at our Ft. Lauderdale campus focuses on giving students broad comprehension in nursing in order to be independent in their future nursing responsibilities. Students practice nursing skills in simulated and live-patient settings to achieve clinical competency while preserving patient safety.

Learn health counseling, patient support, and restorative care in our simulated settings.

The LPN program curriculum of Jersey College covers theoretical as well as clinical elements to help students gain proficiency in both aspects of nursing.

Our innovation on behalf of students doesn't end there either. The LPN program also aims to create an effective nursing professional, capable of adapting to the challenges and modernization of healthcare while lending value to any healthcare team.

Practical Nursing Program Structure

The coursework includes theoretical concepts of nursing including health counseling, restorative care and patient care. Simultaneously, practical nursing students in the Ft. Lauderdale LPN Program practice nursing skills in simulated and live-patient environments (to help ensure patient safety) while achieving clinical competencies.

Jersey College nursing students attend practicum classes in nursing homes, hospitals, high-tech simulation labs, and other healthcare settings as part of their education.

Since the United States is experiencing a shortage in health care providers, the need for well trained LPNs will dramatically change over the next decade. The School of Nursing at Jersey College aims to address this need by preparing graduates with the professional skills and competencies demanded by the healthcare profession.

If you're already a licensed LPN, look into our Ft. Lauderdale LPN to RN Bridge Program

The LPN Program in Fort Lauderdale was developed to help bridge the labor gap by ensuring there are enough practical nurses to meet the needs of the growing patient population in Florida and other parts of the United Sates.

Prospective LPN students can learn more about Jersey College's nursing school campus in Fort Lauderdale with our free nursing school information kit.

Or visit our Fort Lauderdale nursing school campus personally and have all your questions answered directly - just call the admissions office for more information.

Want to learn more about the Practical Nursing program at Jersey College? Check out our Curriculum, Program Structure, Course Descriptions, Program Objectives, Program Schedules, and FAQs.

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