LPN Entrance Exam

To gain entry into the Practical Nursing program at Jersey College, all applicants must successfully pass an entrance exam to determine their incoming skill level. The results of the nursing program exams are reviewed to assess an applicant's ability to succeed in the LPN school program.

1. Required Math Skills

Topics covered: Measurement Conversions, Decimals, Military Time, Algebra, Whole Numbers, Percentages, Word Problems, Fractions and Roman Numerals.

No Calculators are permitted. Scrap paper is provided for problem solving. The number of questions is approximately 55 and there are 90 minutes for the math section of the exam.

2. Reading Comprehension Skills

Topics covered: Inferential Reading, Reading Rate, Main Ideas of Passage, Reading Rate Placement, Critical Thinking and Predicting of Outcomes.

The number of questions is approximately 47 and there are 90 minutes to complete the reading section.

Key things to understand about the entrance exam:

  1. In order to take the test, you must present Photo Identification.
  2. Testers may NOT bring notes, books, scratch paper, or aids (computer or language based) into the Testing Center.
  3. Testers may NOT talk to anyone other than proctors during the entrance test.
  4. Testers will receive scrap paper to use for the Math section. All scrap paper must remain in the Testing Center even when the exam is completed.

Important things to understand ABOUT the exam:

  1. The average length of the entrance exam is three hours.
  2. The cost for the entrance exam may vary by campus. The fee for the entrance exam is non-refundable and must be paid in full upon registration.
  3. Applicants can register by:
  • Paying in person at the campus by credit card, cash, or money order.
  • Faxing in a registration form with their credit card information.
  • Testers are usually able to receive their results the same day of the entrance exam.

 To download the registration form for the Entrance Test, click on one of the links below:

Registration Form - NJ Campuses

Registration Form - FL Campuses

Study Guides Are Available

Applicants may want to use a study guide with sample questions to prepare for the entrance exam. Jersey College makes one available to applicants for $25 or students may purchase a student guide on their own.

Applicants who wish to receive additional information regarding the entrance exam should contact the Admission Office of the nursing school campus nearest you.

You can also receive a free information kit about Jersey College's practical nursing program including information on tuition & fees, class schedules, program requirements and financial aid options.